Home Care Nursing (HCN)

Home Care Nursing

We provide full range of regular and complex support services to client’s medical needs based on these two categories of care:

Regular level of care

Assessments and interventions needed by a person who is considered stable but has episodes of instability that are not immediately life threatening. This service includes Nursing observation, monitoring, assessment and evaluation to determine appropriate interventions that will maintain or improve the health status of the person

Complex level of care

Nursing care is provided to a person who is ventilator dependent and/or who requires an intensive level of care as stated in an order of the physician. This level of care is also require for a person dependent on mechanical ventilation for life support for at least six hours a day and who is expected to be or has been dependent for at least 30 consecutive days.

Other services that may qualify under these two categories of care include and are not limited to:


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Specialized nursing services:

Specialized care for special needs for adult and pediatric clients.

Chronic Respiratory Failure:

Airway management, tracheostomy, chronic ventilator or respiratory dependent care patients. Example: BiPAP, CPAP, Trilogy.

Gastrointestinal problems:

GT/JT/NG, Mickey tube.

Neurological Diseases:

Client with MS needing complete care.
Neuromuscular diseases: client with this disease needing complete care.

Diabetes management:

Example: glucose check and insulin administration.

Wound Care:

Ostomy care/teaching, pressure ulcer, vascular wounds, wound Vac, and wet to dry dressing.

Medication Management:

Set up, administration, etc.


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