Companion Care Services

Companion Care Services

Companion services may include, but not limited to:

  • Arranging appointments and providing appointments reminders
  • Organizing the client’s mail, paying bills, and mailing bills and letters
  • Organizing closets
  • Answering the door, overseeing home deliveries and supervising home maintenance
  • Assisting with wake-up and nighttime routines
  • Visiting with the client
  • Responding to the client’s requests
  • Helping with correspondence
  • Participating in activities the client enjoys, including community events, games and cards, hobbies and entertainment
  • Reading to the client
  • Renting and playing movies
  • Accompanying the client to religious services
  • Visiting neighbors, friends and relatives
  • Planning outings and accompanying the client to shopping centers, sporting events, club events, plays, concerts, movies and restaurants
  • Monitoring the client’s diet and eating
  • Checking foods in the home for expiration dates
  • Helping the client keep a calendar


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(After hours admission is available by contacting our office number)

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